Friday, March 18, 2011

Recommended Viewing: Awkward Embraces

Awkward Embraces is a Youtube based webseries about three geeky girls in the dating world.  You could say it clearly has some inspirational roots from Sex and the City, only Awkward Embraces is a million times better.

The main characters of Awkward Embraces are successful- all of them working at a publishing company together- and beautiful women who can hold their own with most nerds.  Jessica seems set up as the more geeky-awkward character, with her friends Candis and Lyndsey counter balancing her as more normal-geeky, but hilariously awkward things happen to all of them.  I don't want to give away too much, but incidents include talking about Star Wars on a first date, leaving a donut on a door step, and a resolution to have quality vagina time.

The beauty of the show is of course that it treats it's characters as people first, and geeks second.  Sure, the geekery is a defining aspect, but it's not so all encompassing as to alienate the casual geek.  Nor does this woman centric show seem as though it would truly alienate men, I think it's a show anyone could enjoy, so everyone should try to watch it at least once.

At times watching the first season, I was reminded stylistically of shows like My Name is Earl (which I like quite a bit) with episodes frequently reliant on flashback bits and the comedic awkward moments and pauses. That isn't to say that the show isn't original, as it very much is, but I felt like I could see the blending of stylistic inspirations.

Season one is complete, and season two is currently going on.  You can find the show on Youtube, or at  Additionally, they run a miniseries where the cast of the show reads dating horror stories e-mailed in by viewers which is quite enjoyable, too.  So head on over, check them out, and spread the word about this delightful series.


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