Tuesday, March 8, 2011

If Only because I've Got Nothing Funnier to Say

Something that's bothered me frequently, and came to mind today is the dreadful degeneration of the Fourth Doctor's iconic scarf.  Sure, fashion has always been a little hard for the Doctor (though 9 and 10 seemed to be doing quite well, of course now 11's come along and started buggering it up again), but he starts out with this reasonably nice- if wacky- scarf.

Who doesn't love a little bit of crazy now and then?  While it does change some over the seasons, it stays much like this for a while, but by the end of the run we have...

Oh hai, derpy face.

...this awful eyesore.  Look, even his companion's trying not to look at it! (Although one might ask just what the hell she's wearing, too.)  Come on Doctor, you're not supposed to be this awful at dressing yourself for another two regenerations.  Waking up in this outfit is probably what drove 5 to such comparatively bland coloring.  

The coat on it's own even isn't that bad, but layer it with that scarf and the whole thing's a disaster.

On another note, I need Doctor Who novels.  Perhaps I can make a go of reviewing them with my limited knowledge.  Limited compared to a few certain hardcore fans I know, that is.

And have a Doctor Pony motivational poster.


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