Tuesday, March 15, 2011

In Which I Explain Why Today's Article isn't Better Than It is

Today was the final day of classes.  I am officially on Spring Break.  As such, I spent quite a lot of time working on final projects, and have been left wondering just what I should post today.

The great thing about Spring Break though, is that it's always around St. Patrick's Day, and St. Patrick's Day in Savannah means green fountains.

Okay, it also means masses of drunken people drinking more green beer on River Street, but the important part is the green fountains.  There's even a ceremony for the greening of the fountain when they put the green dye in the big famous fountain in the park.  I missed it again this year, augh, someday I'll see this event.

There's also a huge parade every year, last year it was like an hour long or something, tons of fun, and I took over 200 photos, the last 50 or so taken with a dieing camera.  I particularly like parades, as I love watching the marching bands.  As a marching band geek myself (technically former as this college has no band for me to be a part of, largely because we have no football team- this is ART school after all) I take a kind of cruel pleasure in staring down the lines, watching like a hawk for the one kid who is off step or out of line.  Although this is inversed when watching the several military bands that grace the Savannah St. Pat's Parade as I love how perfect they all look and I'd be very disappointed to see even one person messing up.

But enough about my life outside of the internet.  I want to admit something that might sound like it should be embarrassing, but I can hardly be bothered with being embarrassed by my dorkery anymore.  I really hope they write chapter books (you know, one step up from picture books, one step down from a "legitimate" novel) for Friendship is Magic.  Why?  Well, chapter books are a breed of book that can be hilariously bad, just like any other, but with the addition of possible underestimation of the intelligence level of their target age range, and if they're good, they'll be adorable quick reads.

Really, I want the books to be good, because if they can carry the spirit of FiM, we can poke fun at them with love rather than malice.  Yes, I think sometimes it's good to have something you can poke fun at out of love, it's an all together more positive experience- even though it's still really satisfying to maliciously lampoon the scum of the geekverse.

I'll open it up for discussion, so chime in everypony.  What would you think about FiM chapter books?  Would you read them if they were as good as the show?  Would you probably still read them if they were bad?


Dartanian said... This is my only knowledge of FiM. But I fully endorse anything related to Ponies.

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