Thursday, March 31, 2011

Ebay Again

It's not an official post day, so just consider this a bonus and come back for your regularly scheduled update tomorrow.  I decided not to do anything "productive" and as I usually do, started surfing the net with no real goal, so here are some more Ebay horrors.

Can someone explain to me what possesses a person to crochet a purse with scarf yarn?  I mean, I had this fuzzy binder once when I was a kid, but even that wasn't shag like this (and it had sparklies).

Um, what?  As if a pink tattoo machine doesn't make you want to laugh enough, it's got the animal print on it, too.  Oh, and if you scroll down, it also comes in blue leopard print all over...and flame colors.  Maybe it's because I'm not really into tattoos, but these scare me.

Oh look, ugly shoes! Also, these are apparently men's shoes.  I would have guess women's.

I couldn't grab the picture for this one, but it is "Body splash/Hair perfume."  Hair perfume?  It's not even hair spray, it's hair perfume, as though your shampoo isn't enough, or  this person works under the assumption that a lot of people use unscented shampoo.

I made these with my grandma when I was a kid! Nostalgia!  They're made with a washcloth, googly eyes, a pom pom for the nose and tail, rubber bands, and a ribbon to hide the rubber band.  A very simpl, but adorable and a bit hilarious, craft.  Just read what this seller puts on the tags, "If a boo boo has you feeling crummy, stick an ice cube in my tummy.  Hold it to your boo boo tight, soon everything will be alright!" It's a pretty traditional saying to go with these things, but cracks me up every time.

No. Just. No.

Sorry if anyone's a ball jointed doll fan, but this creeps me out.

And this doll, too.  It's like she want's to be Lady Gaga or something, but can't quite get the look together.  Oh, and then there's the soulless purple eyes. Why?

A whole page of iris stickers.  Are you freaked out enough yet?

I love ponies, so I'm not really one to talk but....

Because geekery exists at all moments of life. (Fairy wings are going to be mandatory at my own wedding.)

And lastly...

So cute, and yet it's like she wants to eat me. (If you want her, she's got no bids right now.)


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