Thursday, March 31, 2011

Ebay Again

It's not an official post day, so just consider this a bonus and come back for your regularly scheduled update tomorrow.  I decided not to do anything "productive" and as I usually do, started surfing the net with no real goal, so here are some more Ebay horrors.

Can someone explain to me what possesses a person to crochet a purse with scarf yarn?  I mean, I had this fuzzy binder once when I was a kid, but even that wasn't shag like this (and it had sparklies).

Um, what?  As if a pink tattoo machine doesn't make you want to laugh enough, it's got the animal print on it, too.  Oh, and if you scroll down, it also comes in blue leopard print all over...and flame colors.  Maybe it's because I'm not really into tattoos, but these scare me.

Oh look, ugly shoes! Also, these are apparently men's shoes.  I would have guess women's.

I couldn't grab the picture for this one, but it is "Body splash/Hair perfume."  Hair perfume?  It's not even hair spray, it's hair perfume, as though your shampoo isn't enough, or  this person works under the assumption that a lot of people use unscented shampoo.

I made these with my grandma when I was a kid! Nostalgia!  They're made with a washcloth, googly eyes, a pom pom for the nose and tail, rubber bands, and a ribbon to hide the rubber band.  A very simpl, but adorable and a bit hilarious, craft.  Just read what this seller puts on the tags, "If a boo boo has you feeling crummy, stick an ice cube in my tummy.  Hold it to your boo boo tight, soon everything will be alright!" It's a pretty traditional saying to go with these things, but cracks me up every time.

No. Just. No.

Sorry if anyone's a ball jointed doll fan, but this creeps me out.

And this doll, too.  It's like she want's to be Lady Gaga or something, but can't quite get the look together.  Oh, and then there's the soulless purple eyes. Why?

A whole page of iris stickers.  Are you freaked out enough yet?

I love ponies, so I'm not really one to talk but....

Because geekery exists at all moments of life. (Fairy wings are going to be mandatory at my own wedding.)

And lastly...

So cute, and yet it's like she wants to eat me. (If you want her, she's got no bids right now.)

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Labby Plays My Little Pony: Pinkie Pie's Party Part One

Here we are with the first video of Labby Plays Pinkie Pie's Party.  In this episode we get sent on a mission to find presents (and puzzle pieces because Cheerilie is apparently quite derpy).  We also experience recording fail, and get cut short by my roommate returning to the room.  Dorm life sucks for recording things.

I also want to assure you that while this months episode of Let's Read with LabbyDragon is in fact late as of today, I am working on it and it will be out incredibly soon.  Hopefully next month I get it out on time.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Follow Up

The Disney Nurse Pin series is legitimate, and this is one of them:

Yes, Disney legitimately made a Nurses Day Pin set, and saw fit to include the ever sexy Jessica Rabbit among them.  Consider me shocked.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

It Came From Ebay

It was back in high school- in the days when I still had a Live Journal- that I was introduced to some of the horrors and what the fuckery that can be found on Ebay.  Now it's my turn to go forth and bring back some of my most head scratch inducing finds.

Let's start with this.... squirrel?  It claims to be a squirrel, but it looks more like some kind of owl/rabbit mutant hybrid to me.  The listing also suggests this project is suitable for those above the age of five.  I'm going to guess that unless your 6 year old has a cell phone (and really? Does a 6 year old need a cell phone?) they aren't going to want to do this project anyway- assuming they could even sit still long enough.

Whoa geeze!  Ok, so this is official Disney merchandise, but really?  Not a side of Tink I wanted to see.

Hahaha! What in the world?  That is a hilarious looking Erik.     " THE TOY IS MINT OUT OF THE PACKAGE. AS AN ADDED BONUS, I'LL ALSO INCLUDE THE BEAUTIFUL PAPER BAG THIS TOY CAME WITH." - from the description.  Um...the beautiful paper bag is a bonus?  What?

Thanks for signing right over you bosoms Emmy!

Can you get any blander than this?  Really, why would I want this when I can have the previously posted silly Erik up there?

Note that this person is doing something that you too can do with a printer and sticker/glossy paper and glue. I just need to know why? Why? 

Mulan's comb, but no Mulan?  And really, with that much glitter, are they cake safe?  Also, disturbingly enough, a lot of the paint is missing from one side of Belle's face.  That's a little more than "gently used" I'd say. 

And finally...

 Where the hell did these come from? There's no freaking way these are official pins.  Who made them?  Why are their sexy nurse uniforms actually just their regular dresses (Ariel's being her wedding dress actually)?  Are this modifications to official merchandise? I'll never know, because the description doesn't explain.

Next time I do this, I will try to find much worse things.  Beware.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Labby's Collection Blog: Zoobles

As a bonus, I inadvertently matched my eyeshadow to the toy.

Take a look at the display of these things the next time you're in a store, some of them will just steal your heart. They're usually in the same isle as My Little Pony, or the next isle over, and should be near The Littlest Pet Shop figures (though Zoobles are the better toy in my opinion as they have the added action feature that LPS does not).

I also recently bought a Styling Rarity and a Fluttershy. I might talk about them, but I might leave it for until I FINALLY find a Twilight Sparkle. For some reason every time I've gone to look, I have not found Twilight Sparkle, even though she's my most wanted pony. Although I do already have that huge Princess Celestia that I love so much.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Recommended Viewing: Awkward Embraces

Awkward Embraces is a Youtube based webseries about three geeky girls in the dating world.  You could say it clearly has some inspirational roots from Sex and the City, only Awkward Embraces is a million times better.

The main characters of Awkward Embraces are successful- all of them working at a publishing company together- and beautiful women who can hold their own with most nerds.  Jessica seems set up as the more geeky-awkward character, with her friends Candis and Lyndsey counter balancing her as more normal-geeky, but hilariously awkward things happen to all of them.  I don't want to give away too much, but incidents include talking about Star Wars on a first date, leaving a donut on a door step, and a resolution to have quality vagina time.

The beauty of the show is of course that it treats it's characters as people first, and geeks second.  Sure, the geekery is a defining aspect, but it's not so all encompassing as to alienate the casual geek.  Nor does this woman centric show seem as though it would truly alienate men, I think it's a show anyone could enjoy, so everyone should try to watch it at least once.

At times watching the first season, I was reminded stylistically of shows like My Name is Earl (which I like quite a bit) with episodes frequently reliant on flashback bits and the comedic awkward moments and pauses. That isn't to say that the show isn't original, as it very much is, but I felt like I could see the blending of stylistic inspirations.

Season one is complete, and season two is currently going on.  You can find the show on Youtube, or at  Additionally, they run a miniseries where the cast of the show reads dating horror stories e-mailed in by viewers which is quite enjoyable, too.  So head on over, check them out, and spread the word about this delightful series.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Update: Sold

Update! This piece has been sold.  Thank you to everyone who might have passed this link on to friends, and I hope to be able to open commissions soon for those interested.

I framed the Legend of Zelda cross stitch I did, and now it's up for sale.

I'm asking $20 for it to be paid via PayPal.  Please e-mail me first at to confirm intent to purchase and that the piece is still available (though I will try to update this post the second it is sold to avoid confusion).

If you can't buy the piece yourself, please pass the link along to everyone you know who would be interested.  When I've finished my latest piece, I hope to open custom commissions, so be on the look out for those, too.

Have a geeky St. Patrick's Day, and be back tomorrow for your regularly scheduled update!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

In Which I Explain Why Today's Article isn't Better Than It is

Today was the final day of classes.  I am officially on Spring Break.  As such, I spent quite a lot of time working on final projects, and have been left wondering just what I should post today.

The great thing about Spring Break though, is that it's always around St. Patrick's Day, and St. Patrick's Day in Savannah means green fountains.

Okay, it also means masses of drunken people drinking more green beer on River Street, but the important part is the green fountains.  There's even a ceremony for the greening of the fountain when they put the green dye in the big famous fountain in the park.  I missed it again this year, augh, someday I'll see this event.

There's also a huge parade every year, last year it was like an hour long or something, tons of fun, and I took over 200 photos, the last 50 or so taken with a dieing camera.  I particularly like parades, as I love watching the marching bands.  As a marching band geek myself (technically former as this college has no band for me to be a part of, largely because we have no football team- this is ART school after all) I take a kind of cruel pleasure in staring down the lines, watching like a hawk for the one kid who is off step or out of line.  Although this is inversed when watching the several military bands that grace the Savannah St. Pat's Parade as I love how perfect they all look and I'd be very disappointed to see even one person messing up.

But enough about my life outside of the internet.  I want to admit something that might sound like it should be embarrassing, but I can hardly be bothered with being embarrassed by my dorkery anymore.  I really hope they write chapter books (you know, one step up from picture books, one step down from a "legitimate" novel) for Friendship is Magic.  Why?  Well, chapter books are a breed of book that can be hilariously bad, just like any other, but with the addition of possible underestimation of the intelligence level of their target age range, and if they're good, they'll be adorable quick reads.

Really, I want the books to be good, because if they can carry the spirit of FiM, we can poke fun at them with love rather than malice.  Yes, I think sometimes it's good to have something you can poke fun at out of love, it's an all together more positive experience- even though it's still really satisfying to maliciously lampoon the scum of the geekverse.

I'll open it up for discussion, so chime in everypony.  What would you think about FiM chapter books?  Would you read them if they were as good as the show?  Would you probably still read them if they were bad?

Friday, March 11, 2011

Books You Should Have Read in Middle School (but You Can Still Read them Now).

Speak by Laurie Halse Anderson  and Cut by Patricia MacCormick are two books that I think any middle schooler should read- but if you didn't catch them then, you should still pick them up now.  While both books are narrated by female protagonists, I don't think that should exclude a male readership as both books go a long way in explaining things that could happen to anyone.

Speak is the story of a girl who is raped at a party, which leads to about a year of her not speaking to anyone.  It takes the more common, "Girl won't tell about or talk about her rape," story to a much deeper level.  At one point, the girl attempts to tell a friend what happened and why she's not speaking through notes passed in a study hall, but the friend doesn't believe her, only causing a continued inward spiral.  

The girl won't speak to anyone in her life, but in her narration she often gives the responses she might have given.  I think that because the narrator is silent in her life, it necessitates and facilitates the completeness of our understanding of her inner life.  It is a very powerful book, and a wonderful read, especially for young people who need to know that if this kind of thing ever happened to them, it's okay to talk about it, and it isn't their fault.

Cut runs in a very similar vein to Speak.  It is, as the title implies, about a girl who cuts herself.  She is a quite girl, but she does talk.  Much of the book takes place in the rehabilitation center her parents take her to after discovering her self-mutilation.  In that center, she meets not only another girl who cuts- and wears her scars proudly, in contrast to our narrator who hides hers- but is put into a therapy group with various anorexic and bulimic girls as well.  

The beauty of Cut is in not only the narrator's journey from hardly knowing why she hurts herself to a wonderful scene in which she finally commits to getting better, but in the way it addresses the rehab center and the girls around her in their various degrees of dealing with their own issues.  Every character is presented as just a real girl dealing with her very real issues, they are never treated as some kind of total negative or some kind of unredeemable person.  Even the story of the other cutter who is so public and confident in her scars is presented with the care she deserves.

I believe it made a difference in my life that I read these books in middle school.  They are both still on my shelf, waiting for me to decide to re-read them someday, and I think that day is creeping up soon.  So even though you may be long past the target age range of these novels, they are still good reads, and something to pass along to the young people in your life. 

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

If Only because I've Got Nothing Funnier to Say

Something that's bothered me frequently, and came to mind today is the dreadful degeneration of the Fourth Doctor's iconic scarf.  Sure, fashion has always been a little hard for the Doctor (though 9 and 10 seemed to be doing quite well, of course now 11's come along and started buggering it up again), but he starts out with this reasonably nice- if wacky- scarf.

Who doesn't love a little bit of crazy now and then?  While it does change some over the seasons, it stays much like this for a while, but by the end of the run we have...

Oh hai, derpy face.

...this awful eyesore.  Look, even his companion's trying not to look at it! (Although one might ask just what the hell she's wearing, too.)  Come on Doctor, you're not supposed to be this awful at dressing yourself for another two regenerations.  Waking up in this outfit is probably what drove 5 to such comparatively bland coloring.  

The coat on it's own even isn't that bad, but layer it with that scarf and the whole thing's a disaster.

On another note, I need Doctor Who novels.  Perhaps I can make a go of reviewing them with my limited knowledge.  Limited compared to a few certain hardcore fans I know, that is.

And have a Doctor Pony motivational poster.

Monday, March 7, 2011

The Threads of a New Begining

After a lot of thought, I have finally decided that I need my own site.  That is to say a site that is perhaps one level above my sketchy Webs website.  I would like to learn to make this site better over time, and update regularly- at least twice a week, probably on Tuesday and Friday with whatever in-betweens I may decide to toss your way.  I also hope to have a new episode of Let's Read with LabbyDragon up on the last Tuesday of every month.

My promise for this site is to always do things from a place of fun and entertainment, because if I'm not having fun, and you guys aren't having fun, then there's no reason to be doing it.  That isn't to say there will never be serious moments and discussions here, as it's very difficult to be that funny all the time.

To kick this all off, I would like to share with you the progress on my latest cross stitch project: Twilight Sparkle from My Little Pony Friendship is Magic.

Why am I making Twilight Sparkle?  She loves books, lives in a library, and while often having awkward social interactions can also be the mentor figure of the group; Twilight Sparkle is me.

My apologies for the less than perfect photo, I'm shite with a camera.  I may be running custom commissions someday soon.  I will have more information on that at a later time when I've gotten it all together with clear guidelines and a gallery of my work.

I'll be back tomorrow with something of a little more substance (hopefully).  Here's to new beginnings, big dreams, and the elements of friendship!