Monday, March 21, 2011

Labby's Collection Blog: Zoobles

As a bonus, I inadvertently matched my eyeshadow to the toy.

Take a look at the display of these things the next time you're in a store, some of them will just steal your heart. They're usually in the same isle as My Little Pony, or the next isle over, and should be near The Littlest Pet Shop figures (though Zoobles are the better toy in my opinion as they have the added action feature that LPS does not).

I also recently bought a Styling Rarity and a Fluttershy. I might talk about them, but I might leave it for until I FINALLY find a Twilight Sparkle. For some reason every time I've gone to look, I have not found Twilight Sparkle, even though she's my most wanted pony. Although I do already have that huge Princess Celestia that I love so much.


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