Thursday, April 14, 2011

Oh, Ebay, the Hours We Can Waste

What the hell is this thing?  And why does the lister list it as a "Pokemon Digimon" product? (In an interesting side note, Google Chrome's spell check recognized Pokemon as a proper word, but not Digimon.)
Apparently it's some kind of coin bank that used to function like a slot machine, but this particular item is broken.  I want to find a working one of these things just for the novelty of it.

Ok, is it just me or does this COIN case look like it's actually a Pokemon condom case?  Look it just does, okay!  Don't judge...

Holly hell! A Pokemon product that actually is HOLOGRAPHIC.  Like the real definition of holographic and everything.

Are these even really Pokemon products?  That's what the seller claims they are.  They look more likely to be part of some Hamtaro game.

So freaking adorable! Someone buy this for me now!
Out of place entry is out of place.

Oh you know you want them.  You have no idea what to do with them, but you want them.

They do a thing in a thing and I just don't understand it....
Seriously, someone go figure out what the heck these even are? What do they do?

Another handmade question mark.  Derpy looking Charmander is kind of cute, but the listing is so unsure of the spelling of Pokemon that it literally lists this as a "Pokemon pokeman" coin purse.

He...has a digivice embedded in his stomach?  This is an official product guys!
Actually, I once had something similar; it was a generic blue and white dog with a clock embedded in it's tummy and the alarm sound was it saying, "Ruff, ruff.  It sure is tough to sleep enough."  You know, that might be just another piece in the puzzle of what is wrong with me.

This one kind of looks like it's trapped in a net and trying to get out.  I mean, just look at it, it does not look happy to be in that bag.

Do you remember the time the Digimon franchise thought it was cool to have metal cards?  You couldn't use them in game play or anything, but they made nice collectors items....though they were made out of pretty crappy metal and the paint would scratch pretty easy. 
Oh man, I forgot the punch line. *Gets shot*

Well, in my pin tradition....

...Yes.  This.  Because McDonald's would totally find a way to be in the digital world.  You know it to be true, no matter how much it frightens you.

Capsule Monster?  But that's a different series!

If this doesn't creep you out, there's no hope for you.


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