Saturday, April 23, 2011

Con Badges!

In my previous post concerning cross stitch commissions, I posted a pattern for a then unfinished con badge.  Here it is:

It's DMC floss used on plastic canvas.  The badge has to be cut with a little of the plastic canvas still on the edges, as that keeps the thread in place, but the canvas is cut to the shape of the stitching.  I placed the jump rings in a way that helps the badge lay properly when worn.

This is me testing out the badge for TwelfthDoc.

I also made myself a badge.

It features the sprite of Nayru- the oracle from The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages (for the GBC).  Due to the sprite's smaller size, I limited the name portion of the badge to just the first part of my internet handle for a nice, well proportioned look.

These are a lovely, nerdy way of identifying yourself at a con.  I chose to use internet names as a means of helping to be recognized out there when I do eventually get to a convention.

As a reminder, commissions for these are dirt cheap at $5 a pop.  Contact me at if you're interested.


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