Wednesday, December 7, 2011

It Was Found on The Internet: An Amalgamation of Geeky Craft Finds

Welcome dear readers to a reinvention of an old featrue on this blog.  "It Came From Ebay" is now a collection of things I found on the internet with a heavy geek craft lean.  We will travel together through the highs and the horros of the things people on the internet want to sell to you.

My vow is to provide links to all sources for this feature, but I do not promise that any of the items will still be there by the time I use them.  I also ask that if you do contact the makers of anything you find here, BE NICE.  It is acceptable to contact a seller asking about their willingness to reproduce something or create custom orders, but be polite about it.  These people work hard, and are sometimes very busy- and even if I've made jokes about their products, I still believe they deserve your respect.

Now, all explinations and disclaimers out of the way, let's start this one off slow.

Found here
- This TARDIS necklace features a British flag charm, you know, just incase you forgot why the Doctor talks with that sexy accent.

Found here-Not sure what it has to do with the TARDIS, but it’s cool as fuck.  Plus, look at that fucking awesome Pokeball rose!

Found here
-Haha, looks more like a floppy disk than a TARDIS, which may be intentional. I pretty much like it either way.

Found here
            If you don’t recognize the first scary figure there, he is one of The Gentlemen- Buffy villains who come to town, steal all the voices, and cut the hearts out of seven people.  “Can’t even shout, can’t even cry, The Gentle Men are coming by.”

Found here
- Huh, so the TARDIS runs on an Android OS?

Found here
-What is this, I don’t even?  It’s almost as scary as the silence hoodie.


-Hilariously gross.  Haha, K9 wants to pee on R2D2. Wait…robot dogs shouldn’t pee.

-Wait.  A custard dispenser with vibrating capabilities?!

And then I got this add on Facebook...
-I don’t think I want to live in this world anymore.

-I refuse to believe in a market for this.

-Blonde River Song anyone?


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