Friday, July 29, 2011

News of the Bad Type

My home computer is broken.  Completely busted, doesn't even turn on.  which means even more limited internet access than usual at home.

I'm still working on things.  I filmed something just 2 nights ago, and a mysterious hat has appeared in my possession.  I'm also still working on commissions- it's been going pretty darn well.  I'll just have to come to the library now to get the pictures on the internet- and to even e-mail my buyers.

Not that it wasn't already pretty quiet on this blog, but it'll be quiet for even longer it seems.

In the mean time, I've been reading the Vampirates book series- I'm quite enamored with them, they're very fun- and a ton of Buffy novels- which range in quality, but are generally all enjoyable.  I'd say more about them, but I'm at low battery.  I'll have to head back home where my only net is the patchyness that is my new Droid Incredible 2.  My first smart phone, wheeee!


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